If you have a home coffee pot, you probably use it a lot. We all do, because most of us are addicted to the taste of delicious, fresh-brewed coffee. We rely on our coffee machines for a daily supply of caffeine and for letting us start each day with a tasty cup of joe. But when your machine starts to sputter and isn’t performing as it used to, it can be frustrating.

1. The Coffee Tastes Terrible

If the coffee no longer tastes great, it’s time to get a new machine. You’ve probably been drinking the same brand of coffee for years, so it’s tough to change your taste preference. If you find you’re still dissatisfied with the k-cups you buy at the supermarket, try a subscription box like Amazon’s Bean Box. These monthly packages come with a sampling of four different types of beans each month. It’s a great way to try something new and find new favorites.

2. The Machine is More Expensive Than the Coffee

After purchasing your coffee machine, it may seem like coffee itself is the expensive part. If you’re spending more on coffee than you are on the actual machine, your replacement option is pretty clear. You can try an in-home coffee subscription service, but they tend to be more expensive per ounce than grocery store brands. It’s more affordable to purchase pods at a warehouse store like Costco or Sam’s Club.

3. Your Barista Doesn’t Want to Work With It

Coffee machines vary in their level of difficulty to clean. Some brewers are easy enough for a novice to disassemble, remove and rinse the carafe, and reassemble. Others require more detailed disassembly, and many take multiple rinse cycles to fully clean. If your barista doesn’t want to use your machine anymore, you have one more reason to replace the machine.

4. It Looks Broken

What’s the point to having an expensive, shiny new coffee machine if it looks broken? Older models are more likely to show wear and tear, and that may not be what you want in your kitchen. New models are more sleek and stylish and are easier to incorporate into a modern kitchen. They also have multiple brew sizes, and you can choose from over 500 varieties of coffee pods. With new models, you can finally justify upgrading your coffee maker to an office-level quality appliance.