With such successful brands like Smirnoff Ice and Truly, it’s evident that hard seltzer sales are on the rise. It’s no surprise that retailers are looking to capitalize on the trendy beverage by releasing their own brand.

Step 1: Form A Team

Starting your own hard seltzer brand requires a lot of initial groundwork. You’ll need to form a team. As an entrepreneur, there’s a good chance that you might be wearing multiple hats right now, but you should always delegate when possible.

Step 2: Decide Which Products To Offer

Next, you’ll need to decide what hard seltzer product you want to create. Each has its own pros and cons. The bottle can be a great option because the clear plastic allows consumers to see the drink and exudes a more premium look. However, it can also be an expensive option because you need glass bottles. The 4-oz. bottles are a popular choice as well.

Step 3: Research

Before you put your name on any products, it’s critical to do market research. This includes looking at what other hard seltzers are out there and figuring out their strengths and weaknesses. You should also try to speak to owners of other brands and learn what makes them so successful.

Step 4: Take The Legal Route

You likely don’t have the resources of a brewery, so it’s important to hire an attorney to walk you through the liquor licensing process. Alcohol laws vary from state to state, so knowing the process is crucial. Your attorney can also point you in the direction of additional resources so you can learn more about regulating your product. For example, alcohol sales in the US are regulated by the Tax and Trade Bureau. Having this information can also help you determine if other experts will need to be hired to help navigate additional permits and licenses.

Step 5: Create Your Brand

After you’ve completed the other steps, you can finally create your hard seltzer brand. You’ll need to start with your beverage name, but if you’re having a hard time, there are many consultants that can lend a hand. Then, create a packaging design, which will be a key element of your brand. Finally, you’ll be able to produce your drinks and start selling them!