A cold brew coffee expert provides advice on making sure you drink fresh coffee. Follow these tips to enjoy cold brew without sacrificing your health.

Know When It’s Gone Bad

Not all cold brew coffee tastes the same. If you experience any of the following scenarios, it may be an indication that your brew has gone bad.

It Tastes Bitter

A cold brew coffee that has gone bad will often taste bitter. Some coffee drinkers may not even notice a change in taste, but those who know better will know right away.

It Is Opaque

Good cold brew should have a translucent color. When you pour it, it should have a noticeable dark brown color.

It Looks Gross

If your cold brew looks slimy or has black spots or dirt in it, it has gone bad. If your cold brew smells moldy, that is a sure sign that it has gone bad.

It Is Strong

Coffee that has gone bad will taste stronger than usual. This could make it difficult to drink. When you make your next batch, cut the amount of coffee you use in half to compensate for how strong the coffee will be. This will balance it out for you.