A few years ago, my wife, Caitlin, asked if I was interested in joining a brew of the month club. Knowing she was already a member of two different clubs, I decided I could join one with her. There are so many benefits to joining a brew of the month club: having a large variety of beer at your residence, trying new things, and sharing the experience with like-minded beer enthusiasts.

Why a Brew of the Month Club?

I’ve always been into beer. I brewed my own in college, and I went on to take Master Brewers’ courses

My Experience with Clubs

Our first club membership was a craft beer of the month club. It was a great experience. There were eight bottles per month, and they were hand-selected for the club. With great selections, we expanded our beer palates. We enjoyed sharing a bottle a night as a time to unwind after work.

Choosing a Club

The second club we joined was a brew of the month club. The first club we joined was more focused on IPAs and double IPAs, which was fun for the first month. Then, it became a bit too much. We moved to a club that, though IPAs were featured, there was a lot more variety. The club also provided recipes for each beer, so we were able to create our own creations from the ingredients. We also liked how the club members were open to talking about making our own batches and continuously tried different beer styles.

Making the Switch

With multiple club memberships, we had the chance to try a lot of different beers. We were spending a lot of money on beer, and there was also a lot of packaging waste. I explored options for eco-friendly packaging, but at the time there weren’t many options. As we were about to renew, I saw a brew of the month club that offered all craft selections. As a bonus, they offer more selections and lower shipping prices than our previous clubs. The club’s eco-friendly packaging also helped push us toward making this switch.

The Rewards

As we continue to go through the beer selections, I love sharing our beer experience with others. We get to have unique conversations with friends over a beer that weren’t possible when we were limited by drinking just one or two local beers. My wife and I now have a dedicated fridge to all of the beers we pick up from our club. The best part is sharing our experience with other craft beer lovers.