Find out how many ounces a Keurig brews with this simple math problem.

What You’ll Need

A Keurig coffee maker; water; water pitcher; measuring spoons; measuring cups; pen or pencil; paper.

Step 1

Grind your desired amount of coffee beans. Let the ground coffee rest for one minute, then turn on the Keurig machine and fill the reservoir with the amount of water recommended by the manufacturer. Place the cup on the drip tray.

Step 2

Press the “Keurig” button on the front of the machine. The machine will begin brewing one cup of coffee, and pause once the brew cycle is complete. Remove a cup from the drip tray.

Step 3

Hold the measuring cup under the spot where the coffee drips out of the machine. Pour the water into the measuring cup until it reaches the appropriate level. Record the number of ounces on your paper.

Step 4

Divide the total number of ounces by the number of cups brewed, then multiply this by the number of ounces of water used for brewing. Your answer should be approximately how many ounces the machine is brewing. If this number seems too low, try grinding your coffee beans slightly finer or brewing the coffee grounds for a shorter amount of time.