A former barista at a now-closed St. Louis coffee chain explains what you can expect to be paid if you work as a barista.

Paying As A Barista

For years, people have come to depend on Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts for on-the-go coffee. With these brands, people can expect to have a reliable source of caffeine quickly, whether it’s during a morning commute or a quick break at work. While some may think that being a barista at one of these companies is easy work, being a successful barista takes dedication and perseverance.

The Coffee Industry Is Lucrative

Starbucks does over $25 billion in annual revenue, and Starbucks-related brands sell $6 billion in coffee and other drinks. And besides its ready-to-drink products, Starbucks offers a broad range of food options.

Brewing And Making Drinks

A barista at a Starbucks is required to have knowledge of types of coffees, brewing techniques, and how to make different types of drinks, including espressos and lattes. A Dunkin’ Donuts barista must also know the basics, such as how to make a drip coffee and how to take a milk beverage’s temperature. Since a barista is usually tasked with a number of these responsibilities at once, it’s important to have effective time management skills.

Customer Service

In addition to knowing coffee and drink preparation, baristas must also have excellent customer service skills. A barista should be able to greet and thank customers as they enter and exit the store, and assist them with orders or questions regarding the menu. A good barista should be able to clearly and confidently explain a customer’s order and process their payment.


As a new barista, you probably aren’t expecting to be supervising other employees. But as you build your reputation at your place of employment, you will likely become responsible for managing and delegating tasks. A well-organized manager should be able to keep their eyes on customers and their needs, keep track of other employees, and ensure they’re getting done what they need to.

Tips For Landing A Job As A Barista

Many people want to learn the skill of bartending so that they can easily get jobs at their favorite local bars and breweries. While bartending, the tips you make at each night can be substantial. This can be especially lucrative in busy and loud environments, but you will make slightly less money at a place like Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. But at either, you’ll likely make at least $8 an hour, which already makes being a barista a very attractive job.