If you prefer the taste of fresh coffee, you need a hassle-free way to brew single-serve cups without a Keurig machine. Read this post and learn how to make K cups without a Keurig.

How to Brew K Cups Without a Keurig

The Perfect Pod reusable K cup adapter is affordable, easy to use, and lets you brew your favorite hot drinks instantly.

Best Features of the Perfect Pod

Made of BPA-free plastic, the Perfect Pod is simple to use. Simply unscrew the bottom lid of your mug, place the Perfect Pod inside the mug, and place the small bottom lid back on top. The cup lid comes included and can be used as a travel mug.

Compatible with All Keurig Brewers

Perfect Pod works with all Keurig models (except the Keurig Kold).

How Does the Perfect Pod Work?

This single-cup pod adapter screws onto the bottom of the coffee mug you already own. Use your favorite ground coffee to fill the Perfect Pod, then pop the adapter on your mug, and you’re ready to brew! No K-Cups required!

Should You Use the Perfect Pod?

Keurig machines are easy to use and great for busy families, but they can be expensive. Perfect Pod makes brewing your own k cups with a Keurig affordable and easy. Plus, when you invest in Perfect Pod, there’s no need for expensive K-Cups, so you can brew your own gourmet coffee for less than $1 a cup.