Setting a Keurig to auto brew is the easiest way to brew a single cup of coffee. By following the steps below, you’ll have delicious coffee ready when you want it.

What You’ll Need

All of the items listed below come with most Keurig coffee makers. You may already have some of the items, but you’ll probably need the following:

  • coffee (not K-Cups)
  • Keurig Carafe (K-Mug or K-Carafe)
  • two k-cup sized filters
  • a k-cup
  • a mug
  • Step 1: Create Your Recipe

    After adding your water and your coffee beans, pour the grounds into the carafe. Give it a good stir to combine everything. Remember, you can skip this step if you want straight coffee. Brewing the carafe will be the same regardless of pre-brewing.

    Step 2: Install Your Filter(s)

    Take your k-cup and twist it into the bottom and top of the filter. Line up the small black marks on the sides of the filter with your k-cup and make sure it’s on tight. This will ensure that your brew doesn’t leak out.

    Step 3: Pop It in

    Place the k-cup sized filter into your k-cup slot. Place a mug under the spout. Turn your machine on and wait for it to reach your desired temperature. Once the light is green, press brew to start pouring your delicious coffee!