The Ninja Coffee Bar is a great, space-saving appliance that brews everything from hot coffee to iced beverages like iced coffee and cold brew. The Ninja does things automatically, so it’s a great option for busy, on-the-go coffee drinkers.

Benefits of Delay Brew

Delay brew allows you to set the timer on your Ninja ahead of time, which means your morning coffee is ready to drink when you wake up. This can be really helpful if you go to bed at different times and don’t want to get up a few minutes early just to have coffee ready when you wake up.

Types of Coffee to Brew

You can use the delay brew feature on any flavor of coffee, but I often use it when I make cold brew. This way, my coffee is ready in the morning without having to add any ice or water. You can also use it on other styles of coffee, like a latte or cappuccino, but I wouldn’t recommend cold brew for a hot latte or cappuccino.

Make It Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee involves steeping coffee grounds in water for an extended period of time. It often has a sweeter, more mellow flavor than regular coffee. For best results, I recommend using coarsely ground coffee beans. Just grind them a few times, enough to break them up a bit, but you don’t want them too fine. Fill the reservoir with cold water, then close the lid, and turn it on. Then, let the Ninja do its work. When you’re done with your first batch, you can just start over with the same coffee grounds and water. Steep for however long you want. Use a fine mesh strainer to separate the grounds from the water, then add ice, or pour over a glass of milk, and enjoy.